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Rebuild, expand and modernise paper production facilities.

From the initial idea to the commissioning of paper machines, we support paper mills as a general planning office.

The conception

A successful project begins with a technological idea. From there, we carry out feasibility studies for new plants and audits for conversions.

As a result, our customers receive process analyses, rough layouts, factory layouts, logistics planning, deadline and budget estimates as well as recommendations for further action.

Already in this first conceptual phase, we lay the foundation for further planning and successful commissioning.

The preliminary project

In the pre-project phase, we deal with basic technical elaborations, enquire with suppliers and devote ourselves to design planning.

The results are technical concepts and project schedules including budget calculations, if possible with several variants. They serve as a basis for decision-making for the further implementation steps.

The detailed project

In this project phase, we take over the detailed planning of the plant. We clarify procurement details and carry out the detailed mechanical planning, the detailed planning of the electrics, the automation and the process engineering.

At the end of the detailed project, the planning basis for the construction of the paper plant is laid.

Supervision and commissioning

During the installation of the paper machine, we take over the site management. We take care of site supervision and site coordination, support the installation company in technical matters and provide advice during commissioning. If necessary, we carry out optimizations and update documentation.

From the initial idea to the commissioning of the paper machine

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